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How do I edit or download templates?

1. To edit a template in Google Docs you must first make a copy by clicking: 

File > Make A Copy > Name Document > Click Folder in "My Drive" where it is easy for you to find > Click OK > Copy opens

2. To download templates from Google Docs to edit on Pages or Microsoft Word click: 

File > Download > Microsoft (.docx) > File is in "Downloads" folder

Smartie Goals Template

Parent Call Logs

Universal Grading Weights

Baseline Writing Rubric

Professional Development Hours Log

Syllabus Template

Assessment Tracker

Grade Teams/After School Schedule

Picture Database

Unit Plan Template

What goes in the folders?

Staff Folders


IEP Initial Referral Documentation Form for Student

Lesson Plan Template

Curriculum Usage

Senior Defense Rubric

The Draft Excel Sheet


Who does what at NCHS?

Bell Schedule

Technology Request Forms

Field Trip Form

CDT Tool/Plan of Action

Mentorship Pairings

Counseling Referral Form

Consequence Ladder Poster

Collaborative Conference Guide

Culture Rubric

Tuition Reimbursement Form

Fire Drill Instructions

Low Inference Transcript

Phone Directory